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Residential Care Facility in Jefferson City, MO – Senior Living Facility – Retirement Community


030Castleparke Residential Care is the best residential care facility in the Jefferson City area. Not only are we a fully licensed residential care facility, but we also offer many assisted living services. If you are looking for a place that offers quality residential care that can meet a variety of needs, Castleparke Residential Care is the choice for you. We cater to the various needs of senior living and offer many assisted living services, such as laundry service and activity transportation without completely taking away a resident’s independence. For quality senior living services with a residential care facility staff that values each resident, contact Castleparke Residential Care today!

Benefits of Residential Care

Choosing a senior living facility can be a challenge. Residential Care is only one option out of many that exist. Residential Care offers many benefits to residents, including some assisted living services. Perhaps the most important benefit of residential care is that residents are allowed to maintain a greater amount of independence than with other types of senior housing, such as nursing homes. Limited assisted living services, such as meals, laundry, and transportation are provided at Castleparke Residential Care in Jefferson City.

Other benefits of the Residential Care facility at Castleparke include:

Residential Care Versus Assisted Living 



One of the most common questions that Castleparke Residential Care is asked is the difference between a residential care and an assisted living facility. The best answer from our standpoint is that residential care is the best place for seniors who need assistance with some daily activities, but still maintain the majority of their independence. It’s also perfect for seniors who are interested in a sense of community, as our residential care facilities are a small community of residents and staff who connect and care for one another. Remember, we are a licensed residential care facility in Jefferson City, MO, but we offer many services and amenities that you would find in a full assisted living facility. Another major difference between full assisted living and the residential care that we offer at Castleparke is that we serve fewer residents, meaning a more individualized, personal experience. If you are looking for a retirement home that provides quality residential care while still allowing residents to maintain the majority of their autonomy, then Castleparke Residential Care is the place to call. Contact us to learn more about our wonderful facility.



Castleparke Residential Care in Jefferson City, MO is the best place for seniors interested in being a part of a retired community of people while still maintaining a great deal of independence. Our residential care facility offers a great deal of support and services to each resident without removing all of his or her autonomy. In addition, our community is smaller than other care facilities, allowing residents to form connections and bonds with other seniors and staff. For a quality retirement home that offers limited assisted living services, Castleparke is the perfect option.

Our Values

Castleparke Residential Care works hard to provide a “home-like” atmosphere. We ensure that residents feel secure and well taken care of while still maintaining their freedom and independence. Our private suites are perfect for senior living, but right outside each suite are other residents ready to participate in community activities with you. Enjoy special dinners, religious services, movie nights, and more!




Perhaps the most important characteristic of life at Castleparke Residential Care is freedom. Like other senior living or independent living facilities, residents may come and go at any time. We provide scheduled transportation to nearby Jefferson City, MO community events, activities, and doctor’s appointments, but residents may also keep their vehicle during their stay. Each suite is spacious and has separate heating/air conditioning units.

Local Community

Residents at Castleparke are able to enjoy life exactly the way that they want. We are located in Jefferson City, MO near local churches, grocery stores, and other community areas; residents may travel when they like or join us on one of our scheduled trips. In addition, we offer some assisted living services such as housekeeping, laundry, and meals. It leaves our residents free to enjoy their time as they please. Enjoy watching television in the privacy of your room or go to one of the common areas to socialize at any time!